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Public Sex Night

The theme tonight was public sex. Most are R/NC-17, though not much disturbing contents this time.

(Cluegirl) Lucius/Voldemort -- Your arm is too short to box with God

"For he knew the law and broke it willingly, he shall be punished accordingly!"

Voldemort sat back in his throne-like chair, and watched rather tiredly as Lucius shuffled closer on his knees and parted his Lord's robes.

Hot, moist heat, sucking, licking, and Voldemort let himself be brought to orgasm by his defiant servant under the watchful gaze of his loyal Death Eaters. He stifled a yawn just as he shot his release deep down Lucius' eager throat. Too eager for it to be convincing as any sort of punishment.

Even his Death Eaters were shuffling impatiently on their feet, hoping Lucius' third punishment of the day would end already.

"I have been considering changing the law," Voldemort said after Lucius wiped his mouth and got to his feet.

"Yes, please, my Lord," Macnair chimed, fingering his axe hopefully.

Lucius blanched, and Voldemort reached out and pulled him close.

"We had agreed on once a day, Lucius."

"Yes, I know, but I thought –"

"So keep to it already. I can't afford you sucking the erection out of me in front of my servants. What if your behavior calls for punishment again, and it won't get hard, hm?"

"I hadn't thought of that."

"Once a day, Lucius," Voldemort said, gave Lucius a final glare, and then muttered: "I should have never given into that damned kink of yours. It isn't worth you dressing up in the Gryffindor Girl's uniform for me every night."


(Nimori) Remus/Harry. At the werewolf registration office.

Remus bit his lip, and dared a glance to his left, to see the clerk with his robes wide open, stroking his prick. Remus quickly looked away, down, and saw Harry's head bobbing up and down, mouth wrapped eagerly around his cock.

He still didn't quite understand how he had gotten into this position – not that he was complaining, mind – but he knew for sure that Harry had insisted on coming along with him for his registration as a werewolf at the Ministry.

And then Harry had done the talking, very smooth talking, and before he knew what happened, Harry was on his knees in front of him, sucking his cock.

Remus moaned, mindlessly tightening his fingers in Harry's hair, hips bucking up into wet heat while he knew he really should be pulling away.

But Harry did this thing with his tongue, and Remus gasped, and came harder than he had in a long time. Somewhere to his left he heard a similar gasp, but he dared not look.

"So, this is settled then?" Harry asked the clerk as Remus closed his robes.

"Sure, lad." The clerk smirked, and incinerated Remus' registration papers with a flick of his wand.


(Gina) Snape/Sirius. Who wants to see me take off Snivelly's pants?

Sirius' hands trembled when he tore open Snape's robes. He could feel Remus' gaze on him, and he knew Remus didn't approve.

"Come on, Moony. It will be just like old times," Sirius whispered, and jerked Snape's y-fronts down. Snape struggled against his bonds which forced him to his hands and knees, and muttered something unintelligible against his gag.

After a few moments of hesitation, Remus stepped up to Sirius, and gave him an almost chaste kiss. "To old times then." He smiled, and stepped up to Snape's face, unbuttoning his own robes.

Sirius slammed into Snape's tight arse, driving Snape's mouth up around Remus' prick, and while he locked his eyes with his lover's, he fucked Snape without mercy and without care.

He could see Remus fighting it, and he could feel Snape giving in, and after countless thrusts and grunts and moans, he finally came, hard and raw and it had little to do with pleasure. Remus squeezed his eyes shut, pursed his lips, and after he reached his climax, pulled out of Snape quickly, no longer looking at Sirius.

"Bravo," came a dark voice, followed by mock-applause, from somewhere to their right, where Voldemort was seated between his Death Eaters.


(Marks) Fred/George - getting expelled in style

Umbridge looked puzzled when a large owl dropped her a bright orange envelope. She looked around the Great Hall suspiciously for a moment, and slid the envelope open with her knife.

"Good morning, our former housemates and fellow students," boomed two all too familiar voice through the hall, and the bright yellow envelope cast a beam of light up onto the magical ceiling, portraying Fred and George's grinning faces there. "A special hello to our dear Professor Umbridge, of course."

Every head in the Great Hall turned to look at the magical movie, and Umbridge fell out of her chair from leaning back too much.

"You didn't think we would leave you all without a nice farewell, now did you?" Fred, or George asked, while Umbridge scrambled to her feet and started pulling on Flitwick's arm, muttering for him to put a stop to this outrage.

"We would like to extend a personal message to Umbridge," George, or Fred, continued, and Flitwick shrugged, smiling brightly up at the ceiling.

And before the entire student body and the whole staff of Hogwarts, Fred and George turned around, and dropped their trousers, giving everyone a perfect look at their pale, freckled arses.

A loud shriek – Umbridge – was followed by a few snorts of laughter – McGonagall, Hagrid, and oddly, Snape – and wild applause from the students.

But the laughter and applause died down after George, or Fred, said: "Did you end the spell?", and Fred, or George, replied: "Yeah, now let me have a look at your arse. You can't give Umbridge all the fun."

And before the entire population of Hogwarts, Fred, or George, dropped to his knees, spread his brother's arse cheeks, and set his tongue to work.

A loud thud – Umbridge fainting dead away – was followed by several shocked gasps of students and teachers alike, and one victorious howl – Ron Weasley.

"I knew it! Bloody bastards kept denying when I asked if I could join," he confided to his friend Harry Potter, who was feeling far less disgusted than he ought to.


(Nimori) sirius/lucius. Azkaban nights.

Lucius woke from the sound of a key turning in a lock. He blinked the sleep from his eyes, and sat up on his cot, eyes straining to penetrate the darkness around him.

Footsteps coming closer to him, and he stiffened, gaze shifting left and right, but still not seeing whomever had just entered his cell.

"Who is there?" he demanded, but a slight tremor to his voice betrayed his insecurity.

"Hello, Lucius. I came to visit my dear cousin Bella, but I thought you might appreciate some company as well."

Lucius lunged forward, blindly, but stopped when something hard stabbed against a throat. He did not need to see to recognize the shape of a wand.


Light sprang from the wand in front of him, and he covered his face with his arm, squinting his eyes. Slowly, the figure in front of him gained shape and color as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light, and Lucius gasped.

"Black? But you are..."

"Dead? Yes, that's what I've been told. Didn't like it much, though. Decided it would be much more fun to torment you lot, so I came back."

Lucius pressed his back against the wall, and shifting his gaze from the wand to Black's face, and back, he shouted: "Guards!"

"Don't bother, Malfoy. They won't wake up for another eight hours or so."

Shrieks and taunts drifted through the corridor and into Lucius' cell, and Black looked over his shoulder. "Yes, Bella, I'll be with you in a bit."

"What do you want, Black?" Lucius asked, his voice a lot less demanding now.

"Why don't we start with you naked and on all fours," Black said with a smirk. "I'm sure you can fill the rest of the picture in yourself."


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